Introductory Offer

55 Min Massage Session @ $49

Enjoy a 55 min therapeutic massage session from one of Bao’s Registered Massage Therapists for only $49.
Once you experience the benefits of massage therapy, you’ll agree that one visit is never enough!


How it helps you?

Your massage therapist

Massage therapists have extensive training that includes massage technique, anatomy and physiology, and a knowledge of when massage is and is not appropriate. Many local, state and provincial governments license massage therapists. Massage therapists are often certified by schools and many have specialized training.

Your personalized plan

On your first visit, your massage therapist will ask general health questions and review any referring practitioner’s recommendations. Your therapist will then assess your problem area to determine the best approach to help you. The appropriate frequency, duration and number of massage sessions will depend on your problem, its severity and how long you have had it, as well as your general health.

Self-care techniques

Your massage therapist can be an excellent resource for learning additional ways to release tension or help heal injuries outside of your massage sessions. She or he might share relaxing breathing techniques or gentle exercises to increase flexibility and support more efficient movements. You may also learn to relieve tension by contracting and releasing muscles, pressing “trigger points,” or using ice and heat.

A lifetime of good health

Therapeutic massage is a gentle therapy that calms the nervous system and increases circulation, creating a cascade of beneficial effects. With its marvelous abilities to relieve pain and tension, speed healing and increase your energy and vitality, massage can be a lifetime ally in maintaining your ongoing good health.

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