Modern fitness equipment and more. We’ve poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into brand-new fitness equipment and comprehensive renovations so you can enjoy the benefits of a modern full-featured fitness and exercise club.

Cardio training, also known as aerobic exercise, improves your body’s endurance and efficiency. Through cardio training your lungs will absorb oxygen better, your heart will pump more blood with fewer beats, and you’ll have an increased supply of blood to your muscles.
You’ll also get remarkable results including weight loss, improved mental health, disease reduction, and even an increased life span! With benefits like these it should come as no surprise that The Bao Institute has a complete array of cardio equipment from industry leaders like Epic and NordicTrack, including:
Brand-new industrial sized treadmills with nearby televisions
Elliptical trainers
Step trainers
Spinning bikes
Rowing machines
Weight Training Equipment
Weight training is popular because it’s the most effective way to build muscle and gain strength. Weight training is a great way to look good and feel better!
The Bao Institute has a selection of free weights large enough to satisfy everyone. We also have equipment designed to take the place of spotters, like our safety squat, so you can use free weights without requiring assistance from a partner.
Our large selection of brand-new weight training equipment from Epic and Cybex Strength Systems sets the standard for customizable, effective and safe strength training. We’ve got the equipment you need whether you’re into body building or just looking to get more toned.
And Lots More
At The Bao Institute, you have room to work out and room to stretch. You’ll enjoy clean and spacious locker rooms and showers. And you’ll also take advantage of what’s coming soon to Bao:
A juice bar with a full selection of shakes, smoothies, fresh juices and other refreshments
A pro shop where you can buy gear, clothing, supplements, mats, videos and more
A lounge full of comfortable furniture where you can relax, watch a little television, read a book and hang out with other members
Why not give us a call to find out what other exciting developments we have in store?

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