Elaina Bahm is a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the C.H.E.K. Institute and has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from McMaster University. Elaina is a personal trainer and fitness consultant at The Bao Institute for Healthy Living. Her interests include: Chakra Healing, Meditation, and Coaching. Elaina is a professional public speaker and has done appearances in front of health club owners and health venues.

Elaina first started off as a fitness consultant and personal trainer but has evolved into a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Elaina made this transition because she still recognized that physical fitness was not enough to create a healthy lifestyle: people are stressed, they’re not creating a life they love, they are just going through the same motions day in and day out. To live a life you love you must connect mind, body and soul. Elaina’s system treats the body as a whole and finding the root causes of the problem.


Elaina Bahm

Phone: 905-877-0771 (office), 416-573-5733 (cell)
Address: 232A Guelph St., Georgetown, ON
Email: elainabahm@baoinstitute.com
Website: www.bahmholistics.com

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